The Italian artist, who currently has a solo show at MAXXI in Rome, discusses her influences, her frustrations and her love of mozzarella

By Paola Pivi

An exhibition at MAXXI, Rome, presents a vision of our maturing digital consciousness by drawing a connection between surrealism and AI

By Rachel Falconer
Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman, im here to learn so :)))))), HD video still, four-channel HD video installation, 2017. Courtesy: the artists and MAXXI, ROme 


20 Oct
24 Feb

A 20-artist group show at MAXXI Gallery, Rome, draws lines between surrealism, computer simulation and new forms of algorithmic intelligence

By Rachel Falconer


15 Nov
20 May
Piero Gilardi, 'Nature Forever', 2017, installation view. Courtesy: MAXXI, Rome; photograph: Francois Fernandez

MAXXI, Rome, Italy

By Ara H. Merjian

Remembering the artist whose occultist experiments transformed her body and biography into art 

By Emily Verla Bovino


23 Apr
15 Oct