A workshop at a primary school in east London provides an antidote to the seriousness of art criticism 

By ​Olamiju Fajemisin

From Grumpy Cat to Pizza Rat, what the images we shared said about the world around us

By Orit Gat

From Myspace aesthetics to Backpack Kid, entering London’s narrative projects feels like stumbling into an online echo chamber

By Mimi Chu

When more photos are uploaded to Instagram every single day than existed 100 years ago, there is solace in blankness

By Orit Gat

An altercation between a White House correspondent and the president becomes a visual question: what is it that we see?

By Orit Gat

Jörg Heiser on memes, memory and Errol Morris's Wormwood

By Jörg Heiser

Each piece of protest art picturing Trump is a joke arisen from shallow trauma

By Jonathon Sturgeon

What’s a meme and what does it mean, if anything? Anatomy of an Internet phenomenon

By Jörg Heiser