The Turner Prize-winning photographer’s set design for ENO’s new production asks: can the greatest horror be better communicated by the unseen?

By Matthew McLean

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition of iconic rock instruments has been criticized for only including one woman

Honey is an antidote to the norms of pop music today; a salve for the increasingly quick-hitting hooks of the streaming era

By Liz Pelly

frieze video - 16 Nov 2018

The Throbbing Gristle member and multimedia artist discusses a beloved instrument which has become a lifelong companion

Children from lower income families half as likely to learn a musical instrument as their richer counterparts

Many of the streaming giant's curated playlists complicate Western obsessions with ‘world’ and ‘exotic’ music

By Liz Pelly

The Long Island house’s basement studio will be transformed into an ‘interactive and creative space’

Courtesy: Jenn Nkiru

Jenn Nkiru will direct the fourth film, on Detroit and Berlin techno culture, to premiere at Frieze Los Angeles

If Macron and his administration do not control the public narrative of Muslims in France, someone else will

By Cody Delistraty

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant's collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell pays homage to the pop group 

By Michael Bracewell
James Holden, Solstice/I Have Put Out the Light, 2002. Courtesy: Silver Planet

The artist reflects on the sounds that have shaped their thinking

By Evan Ifekoya
Laurie Anderson. Photo: EbruYildiz

Friday 5 October at 4:30pm