Orit Gat

Timothy Taylor, London, UK

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Orit Gat and artist Julia Weist travel to Havana in search of El Paquete Semanal, the Cuban offline internet

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Cameron Rowland, Attica Series Desk, 2016, steel, powder coating, laminated particleboard, 152 × 182 × 73 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Essex Street, New York; photograph: Adam Reich

Artists Space, New York, USA

Vilma Gold, London, UK

Vivienne Griffin, Intimacy (again), 2015, alabaster, watercolour, limestone, tempered steel, 87 × 41 × 30 cm

Bureau, New York, USA


Marking it's 25th birthday, writer Orit Gat chairs a panel on the history of art and the Internet 

Ian Cheng, This Papaya Tastes Perfect, 2011, still from motion capture animation

How will stories be told in the future?


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