Pamela Rosenkranz

This year’s edition of the French biennale asks how biological and economic developments inform one another

By Helena Julian

This year’s biennial amplifies previously silenced voices, but the results are discordant

By Harry Thorne
Pamela Rosenkranz, Infection, 2017, installation view, Fondazione Prada, Milan. Courtesy: © Fondazione Prada, Milan; photograph: Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti


6 Jun
14 Jul
Soft Staycation (Gaze Track Edit), 2013, flexible LED video curtain display, PC, video, 2.4 × 4.4 m

Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

By Krzysztof Kościuczuk
Pamela Rosenkranz, Stay True, aus der Serie  „Firm Being“, 2009

Water bottles, pills and emergency blankets

By Quinn Latimer