Para Site

Amid widespread civil unrest, a timely show at Para Site speculates on the future of labour and politics in our technological age

By David Markus

Hong Kong

15 Sep
25 Nov

With Art Basel Hong Kong taking place this week, a guide to the best shows to see across the city

By Christie Lee

Hong Kong

17 Mar
20 May
Zihan Karim, Various Way of Departure, 2017, video still. Courtesy: Samdani Art Foundation

Can an alternative arts network, unmediated by the West's commercial capitals and burgeoning arts economies of China and India, be built?

By Amy Sherlock
‘In Search of Miss Ruthless’, Para Site, Hong Kong, 2017. Photograph: Eddie C.Y. Lam/Image Art Studio 

Hong Kong

2 Jul
10 Sep

Samson Young's multidisciplinary work confronts the ways in which sound can both transcend borders and enforce them

By Peter Meanwell

Is a shipping container a good metaphor for a white cube, or vice versa? A survey of the city's current art scene, from new to old to reopened spaces

By Pablo Larios

Para Site and Connecting Space, Hong Kong

By Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva