Although a country-rap track was crowned 2019’s ‘song of the summer’, music released during this season usually consists of recycled pop sounds

By Aida Amoako

Honey is an antidote to the norms of pop music today; a salve for the increasingly quick-hitting hooks of the streaming era

By Liz Pelly

The beloved angst-ridden musician makes a lively turn with her new album, Be the Cowboy

By Olivia Rodrigues

In the unashamedly populist ‘Rip It Up’ at the National Museum of Scotland, the joy of fandom resounds but questions about the future are avoided

By Stewart Smith

On the eve of a major show at the National Portrait Gallery, considering the legacy of MJ in light of ‘Apeshit’ and fraught debates on Blackness

By Sonya Dyer
David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, 1972. Courtesy Outside Organisation; photograph: Brian Ward.

As magic is the power to influence events, Bowie's power found a personal truth in millions of people, and moved them, even changed their lives 

By Michael Bracewell
The Kinks, Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969, back cover art by Bob Lawrie. Courtesy: BMG

‘Pop today is a broad church, but no one would ever argue that it’s not fun’

By Dan Fox