Regen Projects

An exhibition at Regen Projects, Los Angeles, sheds new light on colonialist patterns and projections 

By Jonathan Griffin
Lari Pittman, ‘Portraits of Textiles & Portraits of Humans’, 2018, installation view. Courtesy: Regen Projects, Los Angeles

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Primordial Saber Tararear Proverbiales Sílabas Tonificantes Para Sublevar Tecnocracias Pero Seguir Tenazmente Produciendo Sociedades Tántricas – Pedro Salazar Torres (Partido Socialista Trabajador), 2017, installation view, Regen Projects, Los Angeles. Courtesy: Regen Projects, Los Angeles; photograph: Brian Forrest

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, USA

By Jonathan Griffin

Jennifer Piejko's guide to the best current shows in LA

By Jennifer Piejko
Rachel Harrison, 'Three Young Framers', 2015, exhibition view

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, UK

By Chris Wiley
Main image: Sean Leaps into the Void via Harry Shunk's Famous Photograph of Yves Klein, it is a Conceptual Art Act and Not for Sale so Please Don't Sue Me (2008). Collage by Sean Landers

What am I looking forward to in 2009?

By Sean Landers
Catherine Opie, Football Landscape 3 (Notre Dame vs. St. Thomas More, Lafayette, LA) (2007)

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, USA

By Christopher Bedford