Simon Denny

Take advantage of 'crisitunities' to defend the rights of workers - or exploit them

By Simon Denny and Joanna Pope

At the DeYoung, San Francisco, ‘Uncanny Valley’ deftly examines the consequences of our capitulation to AI

By Fanny Singer

From Palantir to Microsoft to Google, the new resistance arises from labour itself

By Mike Pepi

As startups looks towards increasingly abstract schemes, where is the art that answers to today’s deeply networked structures?

By Gary Zhexi Zhang
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Visualizing the Snowden archive

By Christy Lange
Hito Steyerl 'Factory of the Sun' (2015) film still; courtesy: the artist; photograph: Manuel Reinartz

If exit polls are to be believed (and the recent UK elections have sadly shown they should be) the main show of this year's 56th Venice Biennale is a flop.

By Paul Teasdale
Philipp Timischl, Vienna, In Treatment, 2014, UV print on epoxy resin on canvas, monitor, HD video, 157 × 104 × 15 cm

Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, USA

By Jonathan Griffin

Essay - 22 Jun 2012

Pablo Larios interviews artists Simon Denny, Yngve Holen and Marlie Mul

Simon Denny, ‘Deep Sea Vaudeo’, 2009

Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Cologne, Germany

By Catrin Lorch