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New York

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P.P.O.W's Wendy Olsoff and Penny Pilkington and artist Anton van Dalen, and their Stand Prize awarded presentation at Frieze New York 2017. Photograph: Mark Blower. Courtesy: Mark Blower/Frieze

Stand Prizes at Frieze New York 2017 are awarded to P.P.O.W and Simone Subal Gallery

A round-up of the best shows opening during Frieze Week

'the car was his and story mine', 2013, exhibition view at Simon Subal Gallery, New York. Foreground: Gloss of a Forehead, 2011; background: Lucky Weekend, 2013. Courtesy: the artist and Simone Subal Gallery, New York.

Sisyphean tasks and the failed Utopias of Modernist architecture