Sophia Al-Maria


Saturday, 11am-1:30pm


Project Native Informant, London (H22)

A Hollywood actor whose image has become troll-bait is the protagonist of a show exploring cross-cultural identity and misogyny in the internet age

By Mimi Chu
Sophia Al-Maria, Major Motions, 2018


2 Mar
21 Apr

Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva

By Pablo Larios

A report from the 2016 edition of the Serpentine Gallery’s Miracle Marathon

By Gilda Williams

Playlist - 09 May 2016

Chinese street food dancers; Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse; Kurt Cobain

Ahead of her upcoming solo show at the Whitney Museum in New York, Sophia Al-Maria talks shopping malls, war, climate change and Gulf futurism

By Jennifer Kabat

Subliminal routes and potential conspiracies

Sophia Al-Maria, The Watchers No. 1–5, 2014, five-channel digital video installation

Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK

By Luke Healey