John Russell, 'DOGGO', 2017, installation view, Kunsthalle Zürich. Courtesy: Kunsthalle Zürich; photograph: © Annik Wetter

Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland

By Aoife Rosenmeyer
Collage von Matthew Lutz-Kinoy und Natsuko Uchino aus Fotos von einem Elaine-Event, auf denen die Organisatoren zu sehen sind, 2013 (courtesy: Matthew Lutz-Kinoy / Natsuko Uchino & Elaine, Basel)

On the closing of two influential project spaces in Basel

By Fabrice Stroun
Christoph Büchel, Secession, 2010, 10. Februar – 18. April 2010, Secession, Wien

Are the changes to Swiss art funding only about censorship?

By Quinn Latimer

An enigmatic representation of the abstract social and political systems regulating our world

By Polly Staple