In These Intemperate Times

From Kader Attia's couscous sculptures and Isa Genzken's 'towers', to Rorschach tests and Tony Kushner's Angels in America

Growing old and growing value 

How remembering the AIDS epidemic helps endure the crises of today

Drowning sorrows and watching Warhol’s Drunk aka Drink

Trump rally in Buffalo, 2016. Courtesy: the artist; photograph by Mark Sommerfeld

Trump, trigger alerts and trauma

Encounters with the late Chantal Akerman's films

Annie Baker, John, 2015. Courtesy Matthew Murphy.

Why theatre remains vital

Halt and Catch Fire, 2015. Courtesy: AMC

The glorification of the pontiffs of Palo Alto

Sibylle Bergemann, Birgit, 1984, gelatin silver print, 25 × 17 cm. Courtesy the artist and OSMOS Address, New York

Creating and contesting categories

Foxcatcher, 2014; Courtesy: Sony Pictures and Entertainment One

The importance of being curious

Leandro Katz, Charles Ludlam, 1970. Courtesy the artist and Henrique Faria, New York and Buenos Aires

Is too much information ever enough?

Nayland Blake and Lynne Tillman, Stop me if you’ve heard this one before ...,  2013. Courtesy: the artists, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, and Rockypoint Press, Los Angeles

In defence of irony