Various Small Fires

Diedrick Brackens, the cup is a cloud, 2018, Woven acrylic and cotton yarn, 187.5 ×  × 198 cm, Courtesy of Diedrick Brackens

Various Small Fires (VSF), Los Angeles (F14)

Los Angeles

3 Mar
30 Jun

Los Angeles

3 Mar
28 Apr

Los Angeles

16 Sep
4 Nov
Judith Linhares, Tree, 2010

Los Angeles

12 Jan
24 Feb
Rainen Knecht, Reclining Woman in Dark Landscape, 2017

Los Angeles

11 Nov
16 Dec
Focus Stand Prize 2017 jury and winning gallery, Various Small Fires

Various Small Fires’ ‘timely and conceptual’ presentation of The Harrisons recieves Stand Prize in the Focus section of Frieze London


The Harrisons, H28

Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, USA

By Jonathan Griffin