Video Games

The artist’s solo exhibition at GAO Gallery, London, is brash, demented and necessary

By Lawrence Dodgson

The 2010s was the decade in which video-game story-telling became self-aware

By Gareth Damian Martin

‘It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.’ Aren’t so many of us feeling like that these days?

By Adam Harper

Why are recent blockbuster video games so obsessed with religion?

By Thomas McMullan

Super Mario Bros. and Metroid had a profound influence on game soundtracks

By Andrew Schartmann

As predictions of climate catastrophe become realities, there has been a shift in game-making, from grandiose blockbuster ‘Anthem’ to the emotionally-charged ‘Sea of Solitude’

By Gareth Damian Martin

The V&A’s annual conference ‘Parallel Worlds’ revealed a medium battling with the formal and the personal

By Gareth Damian Martin

In a medium where ‘flow’ and ‘golden moments’ are designers’ goals, the elegiac ‘Vane’ is decidedly not like other games

By Gareth Damian Martin

Narratively, the ‘choose your own adventure’ film is a dead-end, with repetition and wheel-spinning increasingly producing frustration

By Vadim Rizov

There is no violence in games, only its representation – but a suffragette-beating controversy demonstrates that videogame violence is not without meaning

By Gareth Damian Martin

A new exhibition addresses the impregnable fortress of technical detail and corporate hyperbole in game design

By Gareth Damian Martin

Nods to the game in World Cup celebrations show how dance has gone viral – but unwittingly instrumentalized for commercial interests

By Gareth Damian Martin