Wellcome Collection

A new exhibition at London’s Wellcome Collection shows us why we should advocate for and defend the importance of ‘play’ – for our mental health as well as creativity

By Hettie Judah

A new show at London’s Wellcome Collection charts the influence manmade structures have had on health and wellbeing

By Thomas McMullan
Andreas Gursky, Paris, Montparnasse, 1993, photograph. Courtesy: Tate, London, 2018


4 Oct
3 Mar

With global issues cutting across disciplines, a number of projects are showing where the mixing of art and science can prove productive

By Tom Jeffreys

Part two of this week's art and trauma-themed Culture Digest: 'Bedlam', a new exhibition at London's Wellcome Collection

The strange allure of amulets

By George Pendle
Festival Pattern Group, Souvenir Book of Crystal Designs (1951)

Wellcome Collection, London, UK

By Ann Coxon