Frieze London & Frieze Masters
Frieze London & Frieze Masters
Retracing Mark Fisher and Justin Barton’s Eerie Pilgrimage
In 2006, the theorist of ‘hauntology’ and sound-artist walked across the Suffolk coastline – Adam Harper follows in their footsteps, sifting through encrusted layers of history
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Network Fatigue
Pablo Larios talks about 'Network Fatigue' in the age of digital circulation
Network Fatigue
‘LA Is My Studio’: Artist Anthony Hernandez on Showing Work in His Hometown
‘I see something I recognize somehow, and I make a picture’
Video sponsored by Kayne Griffin Corcoran
‘LA Is My Studio’: Artist Anthony Hernandez on Showing Work in His Hometown
Now Open: Frieze Sculpture in Regent’s Park

London’s largest free display of outdoor art returns from 3 July to 6 October, featuring more than 20 international artists 

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Art & Architecture Summit, London
On 4 October at RIBA, leading figures from the worlds of art, architecture and technology come together for a day of interdisciplinary conversations about ‘good’ design – and why it matters. Hear from Sou Fujimoto, Tom Emerson, Ralph Rugoff, Chasper Schmidlin and many more.
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Frieze Video

Sponsored Content - 10 Jul 2019

‘I see something I recognize somehow, and I make a picture’

frieze video - 21 Jun 2019

In opening week of the 58th Venice Biennale, a new performance programme strove to soften the crowd

frieze video - 04 Jun 2019

The artist takes us on a tour of her pavilion

Anne Pasternak discusses the Frieze LIFEWTR Fund 2019

04 May 2019

The Frieze LIFEWTR Fund acquires Diedrick Brackens for the Brooklyn Museum

Anish Kapoor, still from ​Into Yourself, Fall​, 2018. Courtesy of Anish Kapoor and Acute Art

Sponsored Content - 17 Apr 2019

Featuring artists including Anish Kapoor, Rachel Rossin and Koo Jeong A, a new VR exhibition at the fair is realized in partnership with LIFEWTR, marking the launch of its new series Art through Technology

Sponsored Content - 08 Feb 2019

With a show opening at Blain|Southern, the Cuban-born artist discusses the importance of place and belonging and feeling connected to literature

frieze video - 01 Feb 2019

‘Metaphorically, wearing an eye mask bids farewell to this desire to know, instead, one must rely on something unknown’

frieze video - 18 Jan 2019

‘The idea of wearing them while painting is a really great image’

frieze video - 04 Jan 2019

The Polish artist discusses the spirit behind Eileen Agar’s Cleopatra which sits atop a pile of National Geographic magazines in her studio

Frieze Fairs - 14 Dec 2018

Frieze Projects artist Lisa Anne Auerbach takes us on a tour of LA mysticism

frieze video - 14 Dec 2018

‘Maybe speaking about it will free me, and maybe this means I can get rid of it’

frieze video - 16 Nov 2018

The Throbbing Gristle member and multimedia artist discusses a beloved instrument which has become a lifelong companion

Ally Capellino X Frieze
We have joined forces with the celebrated London designer Ally Capellino to create the ultimate art lover's rucksack!
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