Weekend Reading List

From the legacy of Prince to the continued importance of Hannah Arendt: what we've been reading this week

• Is the capitalist ideology of innovation obscuring the importance of maintenance and repair for a functioning society?

• In The New Yorker George Packer discusses the persistence of racial essentialism in cultural criticism.

• Is it time for critics to look beyond major cultural capitals? Why don’t regional arts institutions get more press coverage?

• Should critics – particularly white male critics - stop getting personal in their essays?

• How has word processing shaped the way we write?

• ‘Rather than moving astride genres, he made them come to him’ – on the cultural legacy of Prince.

• Hedda Sterne’s recently discovered passport opens up questions about how a generation of avant-garde artists managed to flee Nazi Germany.

• ‘We can laugh at your fascist because he's not our fascist.’ – a new film argues that Hannah Arendt’s work is more important now than ever.

• Are architects now putting political engagement ahead of formal innovation? And is this a bad thing?

Paul Clinton is a writer and is lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, London. His book Other Hunting will be published by Ma Bibliotheque in January 2019.


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