Dortmunder Kunstverein, Dortmund, Germany

Raven Row, London, UK

Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, USA

Downs & Ross, New York, USA

WIELS, Brussels, Belgium

Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy

Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, Canada

Claus Richter, Your little helper (Robot), 2017, steel, electronic components, loudspeaker, LED, plastic, wood ca. 65 x 55 x 55 cm. Courtesy: Clages, Cologne

Clages, Cologne, Germany

Erik van Lieshout, The Basement, 2014, HD film, colour, sound, wood, carpet, photocopies. Courtesy: the artist and Maureen Paley, London; photograph: Andy Stagg

South London Gallery, UK

Tate Britain, London, UK

Stanya Kahn, Stand In The Stream (still), 2011-2017, HD color video stereo sound. Courtesy: the artist and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles, USA

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles, USA

Wilhelm Klotzek, Seddin, 2017, DV-Video (still). Courtesy: Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig; photograph: Daniel Poller

Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig


Playlist - 22 May 2017

LuYang’s ‘Uterus Man’, Angelo Badalamenti’s score for ’Twin Peaks’; role-playing video game 

Playlist - 15 May 2017

Talking sea otter; a physicist’s theory of cancer; satirical sci-fi animation

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