A new gallery, dieFirma, opens in Cooper Square, New York, with an important presentation of an overlooked artist whose work spanned furniture to flowers

By Glenn Adamson

Sex, myth and history entwine in a display of the artist’s sketches, photographs and ephemera

By Wong Bing Hao

An emporium of new-age junk and legal highs debases Marlborough London’s exhibition space

By Daniel Culpan

The artist’s exhibition at Delmes & Zander, Cologne, exposes society’s fear of sexually self-determined women

By Moritz Scheper

The most famous painter in the US finally receives art world recognition

By Ian Bourland

Across the programme, animals are at the centre of the drama

By Thomas McMullan

A report from the inaugural Biennale Warszawa

By Frida Sandström

A new film documenting the destruction of an east London community centre drills into the deformation of Muslim subjects by the state

By Marek Sullivan

From colonization to industrialization, the exhibition tackles complex local issues with international ambition 

By David Balzer

‘IF THE SNAKE’ shows a world caught in limbo – or hell  

By Harry Thorne

In the first show dedicated to the artist’s portraits, a narcissistic personality emerges

By Chloë Ashby

A report from this year’s MeetDocs Eastern Ukrainian Film Festival in Kharkiv

By Maxim Edwards


14 Oct 2019

'I am interested in considering the garden as a site at the intersection between creation and destruction'

09 Oct 2019

Watch artist Mark Bradford in conversation with Hans-Ulrich Obrist at Frieze Masters 2019

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