frieze d/e

Issue 4

Spring 2012

The Spring issue of frieze d/e marks Gerhard Richter’s exhibition ‘Panorama’ at Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, by speaking to Hal Foster.

The Milan-based novelist Vincenzo Latronico considers the rise of English among non-native speakers in the art world.

Jan Verwoert listens to Karl Holmqvist‘s own brand of drag performance: the artist’s mixture of poetry and pop.

Also featured in Issue 4: Bert Rebhandl charts the career of the director Romuald Karmakar and asks how his use of YouTube is changing the way filmmakers work and audiences watch film; and Editor Jennifer Allen reconsiders Ulrike Ottinger‘s films in light of a recent exhibition of her paintings from the 1960s.

How science has caught up with the art of forgery

By Noah Charney

Is the image’s future more important than its past?

By Dominikus Müller
Ausstellungsplakat „Der Eiermann und seine Ausleger“ ,1997 (Courtesy: Galerie Gisela Capitain, Köln & Estate Martin Kippenberger; Fotografie: Elfie Semotan)

On the value of nursing, education and culture

By Jan Verwoert
Postkarte zum 10. Esperanto-Weltkongress , 1914 (Quelle: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek)

The Esperanto Museum and the Department of Planned Languages in Austria’s National Library

By Kimberley Bradley
Jürgen Klauke, aus der Serie „Philosophie der Sinnlosigkeit“, 1976 (Courtesy: Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin & der Künstler; Fotografie: Ruprecht Stempell)

Since English has become the lingua franca, what has happened to art – and to language?

By Vincenzo Latronico
Mémoire Interlope, 2010
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For Mariana Castillo Deball, every artefact tells the story of its origin – and where it’s been since

By Kito Nedo
Axe Effect, 2011 (Courtesy: Société & der Künstler, Fotografie: Hans Georg Gaul)

Neo-Materialism, Nature and Gallerists with Guns

By Paul Feigelfeld
Elephant Dung, 2011 (Courtesy: Hollybush Gardens & der Künstler; Fotografie: Andy Keate)

Mixing poetry with pop songs, Karl Holmqvist has created a brand-new medium: the drag-performance

By Jan Verwoert
Unter Schnee, 2011 (Courtesy: die Künstlerin)

Ulrike Ottinger’s films fuse the genres of fantasy and documentary. Yet the origins of this fusion lie in another medium: painting

By Jennifer Allen
Manila, 2000, Standbild

The filmmaker Romuald Karmakar is redefining his oeuvre – and cinema itself – on YouTube

By Bert Rebhandl
Morse Code Communication, 2011, Standbild (Fotografie: Tim Hyde)

Electrical Wiring, Diving Lessons and Bird Catching

By Isabelle Moffat
Cyprien Gaillard, The Recovery of Discovery, 2011 (Courtesy: der Künstler; Fotografie: Josephine Walter)

To mark the Gerhard Richter retrospective at Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, frieze d/e spoke with Hal Foster about the painter’s take on light, Pop and politics

By Jennifer Allen