frieze magazine

Issue 134

October 2010

This month, Christopher Williams talks to Willem de Rooij about conceptualism’s relationship to the image and how referentiality has become a mainstream convention. Following Williams’ major solo show at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and De Rooij’s current exhibition at Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie, they discuss their respective practices, previous collaborations and why the adoption of photography was once a political choice.

On the occasion of Lynda Benglis‘ major touring retrospective she discusses with Marina Cashdan her 40-year career. ‘When I came to New York I was part of a close circle of artists who were asking questions about where art was going and what art could be.’

In our Los Angeles City Report, Fritz Haeg asks what attracts artists to the city, whilst Jonathan Griffin maps LA’s powerhouse institutions, tiny project spaces, legendary art schools and artist-run initiatives.

What can the past do for the present?

A video cassette of Marcel Odenbach's, Abwarten und Tee trinken.

The dematerialization of the moving image

By Jennifer Allen
The Amazing Randi

One man's crusade against 'woo-woo'

By George Pendle

New railway stations in Belgium and the UK reveal different approaches to utility and excess

By Owen Hatherley

The work of the late French artist and novelist Édouard Levé explores the ‘fiction of identity’

By Hugo Wilcken

The rise of the ‘neuronovel’ and its implications

By Michael Sayeau

Is the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles the ideal art school?

By Snowden Snowden

In an ongoing series, frieze asks artists and filmmakers to list the movies that have influenced their practice

The poetry, translation and fiction of Anne Carson and Lydia Davis

By Emily Stokes

A recent crop of new publications exlpore the lives and histories of people and communities through music 

By Dan Fox
Matthias Herrmann, the president of the Vienna Secession from 1999–2006, photographing himself in the exhibition 'Christopher Williams & Jeroen de Rijke/Willem de Rooij’, Secession, Vienna, 2005–6

Christopher Williams and Willem de Rooij discuss whether referentiality in art, if once polemical, has become an orthodoxy and if so, is there is a way out?

By Jörg Heiser

Imagination as a form of resistance in the work of Klaus Weber

By Kirsty Bell