frieze magazine

Issue 148

Jun - Aug 2012

The summer issue of frieze asks: how does art influence society? ‘Artists are still the canaries in the mine of gentrification’ – Sharon Zukin.

In Changing Places, Dan Fox talks to Nils Norman, Timotheus Vermeulen, Anton Vidokle, and Sharon Zukin about art, gentrification, and artistic freedom as the role art plays in city economies becomes increasingly complex.

Life Models: Professor of art history at Barnard College and Columbia University, Alexander Alberro, asks what kind of role does art actually play in society?

John Waters talks to Drew Daniel about sex, death, God, the art world, and how he has dealt with taste and transgression for close to 50 years.

Signs of the Times: Tom Morton looks at how Matthew Darbyshire‘s architectural interventions, installations and consumer objects reveal the gap between what is promised by those who shape our worlds and what is actually on offer. Delhi City Report: Devika Singh and The Raqs Media Collective consider the expansion of the art scene in the Indian capital, where a sense of adventure and DIY ethics are yielding interesting results. 

What kind of art do you stand for?

By Dan Fox

Eggs, poodles, Minimalism?

Art and the Cold Civil War

By Jennifer Allen
Schr. Sommer, 2011, cotton, bedsheet, ink, on wooden stretcher
By Matthew Rana
Tetrachromat,  2012,  installation view
By Amelia Groom

A brief history of deadly art

By George Pendle
The Annunciation, 2010, DVD still
By Erik Morse
View towards Gurgoan from new Delhi, 2012. Photograph: Brahm Maira

Since the late 1990s, the art scene in the Indian capital and its environs has swelled from a handful of galleries to a thriving constellation of non-profits, residency programmes and artist-run sp

By Devika Singh
A Thousand Years, 1990

In a survey show of the artist at Tate Modern, Hirst’s trademark repetitions soon become apparent

By Jennifer Higgie
From the series 'Signs that say what you want them to say and not Signs that say what someone else wants you to say', Will Britain Get Through This Recession?, 1992-3, C-type print
By Eleanor Nairne
The Naturist (Unofficial Sculpture for the Festival  of Britain, Jaywick, England), 2011, plywood, timber  and house paint

On a music festival in Wysing, ‘Thingly Time’, the zigzag wave form of Charlie Brown’s jumper and Bedfordshire

The Stuff That Matters:  Textiles Collected  by Seth Siegelaub for the CSROT,  2012, installation view
By James Cahill