Andrew Kreps Gallery

Coming of age during the second wave of Italian Futurism, the artist and designers’ mind-boggling experiments in genre and classification

By Ara H. Merjian

New York

7 Apr
12 May

The artist's early works amalgamate nature and technology at Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

By Josephine Graf

New York

27 Oct
6 Jan

New York

7 Sep
21 Oct

Highlights from the first edition of Condo New York, a collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 16 city-wide locations

By Sam Korman
Goshka Macuga, International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation, Configuration 6, Humanity’s Survival (detail), 2015, bronze. Courtesy: Fondazione Prada, Milan; photograph: Delfino Sisto Legnani Studio

Ben Eastham delves into Goshka Macuga's exploration of art, power and history

By Ben Eastham