Art Education

A leading surgeon says that the loss of creative subjects in UK schools means students lack important tactile knowledge

Featuring Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, ‘Womanhouse’ marks the 30th anniversary of the museum dedicated to women artists


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The controversial intellectual suggests art would be better done at home – she should be careful what she wishes for

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A survey of 1,016 visual artists across the world finds that the badges of professional success don’t necessarily equate to financial stability

An open letter signed by over 100 leading artists including 15 Turner prize-winners says that new UK education policy sidelines arts subjects

At a moment when the future of funding and free movement appear to be threatened we can find hope in our artists, institutions and educators

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From art under apartheid to a new novel from Walt Whitman: what to read this weekend

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Celebrated sociologist Zygmunt Bauman passes away; artists, curators and critics set to strike in protest against Trump inauguration

Douglas Crimp's new memoir charts his life in the galleries and gay bars of 1970s New York

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How are art schools changing?

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George Orwell at the BBC

Angry reaction to the planned closure of Sydney College of the Arts; the Limbach Commission to be reformed

Rasel Chowdhury, winner of the 3rd Samdani Art Award, People on low incomes living in slums  beside the railway station at Khilgaon, Kamalapur, Dhaka, 2012, (from the series ‘Railway Longings’, 2011–15)

How a photography course in Dhaka is challenging religious and artistic prejudices

By Daniel Baumann