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The Professional Organization for Women in the Arts’s salary survey suggests that a master’s degree might not be the key to success

By Frieze News Desk

Nearly 2000 museum workers have shared their salaries online – the vast inequity is difficult to ignore

By Chris Sharratt

From Brooklyn Academy of Music to the New Museum, art workers are increasingly agitating for better compensation and a seat at the table

By Meagan Day

New study finds major commercial galleries represent just 32% women

By Frieze News Desk

Over 1000 art workers have anonymously posted their salaries

By Frieze News Desk
Douglas Gordan, Remake of the cover of frieze no. 9, 2018, specially commissioned for the magazine's 200th issue. Courtesy: the artist

We look back on 28 years of publishing by remembering what inspires us

By Jennifer Higgie

Five reasons why the art world is a desperate mess, followed by five responses. Do not read the conclusion until you've read the rest

By James Elkins