Black Lives Matter

A rarely seen documentary shows the UK's Black communities in the wake of two tragic incidences of police brutality towards unarmed Black mothers in 1985

By Rianna Jade Parker

The world demanded by Black Lives Matter is not the world in which Edward Colston belongs

By Annie Olaloku-Teriba

Patriotic imagery and calls for ‘togetherness’ distract from grass-roots demands for systemic change

By Orit Gat

A new book by Amnesty International documents how protest posters have changed throughout history

By Figgy Guyver

Black Lives Matter Arts+Culture has been launched in a bid to promote African American artists ‘changing the world’

Adam Pendleton, Black Dada Flag (Black Lives Matter), 2018, installation view at Frieze New York 2018

Frieze Fairs - 29 Apr 2018

Black Dada Flag (Black Lives Matter) is raised over Randall’s Island Park ahead of Frieze New York 2018

With the arrival of the first superhero film to feature a black lead since 1998's Blade, a reading list on black comic-book culture

By Andrew Durbin

Black Lives Matter, the Chilcot report, music and violence: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton