Talk with artist Sam Lewitt, BMW Open Work

'CORE ( the "Work")'

"Body Electric"

Cao Fei's studio, Beijing. Image: Anneli Botz

How the absence of colour is just the start of the journey that Cao Fei is taking with the BMW Art Car #18

By Anneli Botz
Giorgio Andreotta Calò, IT, 2005, intervention. Courtesy the artist

The artist evokes an imagined sound landscape that unveils structurally

Liz Magic Laser, Push Poll (A CNN Commission), 2012 single-channel video 10 min Courtesy of the artist and CNN

Ventriloquizing the voices of Donald Trump and an investigative reporter in a philosophical dialogue

Exosphere, 2014. Video, projector, speakers, acrylic, carpet, LED lights, fluorescent lights, reading light, fibre optic lights, lycra, plywood veneer, lacquer, MDF, brass, laser engraved crystal, turntable, embossed polyester fabric, paint, metal, polished brass strips, digital image printed on polyester transparency film, ceramic tiles, leather, frosted glass, stretched ceiling fabric.  Courtesy of the Artists.

Exploring power, imperialism and allegiance through language