City Report

Tracing the constellation of performances across Naples and Stromboli in this year’s Volcano Extravaganza, directed by Eddie Peake

Fifty years after the term was coined, a show in Samos reflects on ‘the unlikely liaison between love and politics’

In the Rocky Mountains resort town, boutique facades hide the remnants of a surprising counterculture 

In lieu of institutional support, artists are working together to achieve a remarkable self-sufficiency

Taro Okamoto, Sun God, installed in Osaka

A recent show traces the creative legacies of an artist and an architect who helped shape Japan’s futurist aspirations

With a strong surrealist strain, and including a welcome number of female artists, highlights from the 48th edition of the photography festival

A walk through London gives presence to those the current government would rather render invisible

Protests against housing inequality, tourism and a colonialist past have been roiling across the Catalan capital

In a city of maddening contradictions, artists have learned to adapt in manifold ways

The arrival of the Centro Botín in Santander prompts a reassessment of the ‘Bilbao effect’, and a journey across the Spanish Atlantic coast

A report from Europe’s longest-running design biennial, this year focusing on what it means to be ‘critical’

Gilda Williams visits the first edition of the ARoS Triennial in Aarhus, Denmark