Do artists need it? What does it really meant? Richard Wentworth and Michael Craig-Martin discuss

By Richard Wentworth and Michael Craig-Martin

Reporting from the outer limits of the critical frontier

Geographically defined group exhibitions abound, categorizing artists according to nationality, ethnicity, or both. Are these shows an attempt to resist the evaporation of cultural difference?

By Jean-Hubert Martin

Even ‘hawks’ have begun to doubt that exerting ‘hard power’ – sheer military and economic strength – is enough. Cultural persuasion, or ‘soft power’, is the new buzzword

Our continued fascination with the dandy

By Emily King

Aesthetic and political elites

By Tom Morton

Elitism and accessibility

Los Angeles' new Gold Line

By George Pendle

The cultural history of zoos

By Brian Dillon

The history of anonymous protest in Rome

By Dorothea Jaffe

The philosophy of repetition

By Brian Dillon

Contemporary artists’ response to war

By Jessica Lack