With Art Brussels in town, a guide to exhibitions to see in the Belgian capital

By Carina Bukuts
Gillian Carnegie, 8, 2019 , oil on canvas, 84 x 58 cm. Courtesy: the artist and dépendance, Brussels; photograph: Mark Blower


25 Apr
25 May

The city’s galleries put their best foot forward this weekend – here’s a rundown of some of the shows not to miss

By Kadish Morris
Ed Atkins, Untitled (Old Food #3), 2017, ink and acrylic on paper. Courtesy: the artist and dépendance, Brussels; photograph: Kristien Daem


7 Sep
20 Oct


13 Apr
19 May


3 Mar
7 Apr


21 Jan
24 Feb
Michaela Eichwald, Die Unsrigen sind fortgezogen (2014) acrylic, spray paint, lacquer and ball paint on pleather, 330 x 138 cm


13 Jan
10 Feb
Ed Atkins, Hisser, 2014, installation view, dépendance, Brussels, 2015; photographs Sven Laurent

Nightmarish virtual environments populated by avatars of white men plagued by sorrow and desire at dépendance, Brussels

By Laura Herman

Das Kino im alten Mühlenviertel, 2012, Installationsansicht, Lars Friedrich, Berlin (Courtesy für alle Bilder: der Künstler, dépendance, Brussels & Lars Friedrich, Berlin)

How … it works

By Paul Teasdale