Karina Skvirsky, Ingapirca: Piedra # 5, 2019, Archival Inkjet Print with Collage, 43,18 x 55,88 cm. Courtesy Ponce + Robles

Celebrating Latin/Latinx and Latin American artists

Adriana Bustos, Imago Mundo XIV, Positivismo Mágico,2012. Acrylic paint, graphite and copper leaf on canvas, 153 x 244 cm. Courtesy of Galeria Nora Fisch

Themed section returns to Frieze New York 2020 led by El Museo del Barrio

Frieze Fairs - 03 May 2019

The Los Angeles-based artist, showing as part of Diálogos, on how his works invite audiences to touch and spill 

Marta Chilindron, Star, 2019, Acrylic and hinges, Dimensions Variable, Courtesy of Cecilia de Torres, Ltd.

A themed section focusing on art by contemporary Latinx and Latin American artists

We present highlights from around the fair and across the city

Frieze Fairs - 29 Apr 2019

In this series, we hear from those involved in shaping the program Frieze New York 2019

Ahead of co-curating Diálogos at Frieze New York, Charpenel talk to the Puerto Rican psychiatrist César Reyes about the intertwining of art and cultural inheritance 

By Patrick Charpenel
Firelei Báez, Untitled (Central Power Station), 2019. Courtesy: the artist, James Cohan, New York, and Kavi Gupta, Chicago; Photo: Jackie Furtado

James Cohan, New York, and Kavi Gupta, Chicago (DLG11)

Livia Corona Benjamin, Infinite Rewrite XXXI, 2016. Courtesy: Proxyco Gallery, New York

Proxyco Gallery (DLG3)

Marta Chilindron, Sliding Square, 2016, Acrylic and hinges, Dimensions Variable. Courtesy: Cecilia de Torres, Ltd., New York

Cecilia de Torres, New York (DLG9)

Edouard Duval Carrié, My Life as a Tree, 2019. Courtesy: the artist and Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo and New York

Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo and New York (DLG7)

Luis Flores, Chokeslam, 2018. Courtesy: the artist and Salon 94, New York

Salon 94, New York (DLG1)