Edward Snowden

From Chelsea Manning to Edward Snowden to the Trump–Russia dossier, public outcry has soon reverted to business as usual

By Gary Zhexi Zhang

Hito Steyerl’s Duty Free Art and A Field Guide to the Snowden Files

By Tom Overton

The filmmaker on being placed on a terror watch list, aesthetic approaches, and Julian Assange’s gender politics in her new documentary Risk

By Yohann Koshy
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Visualizing the Snowden archive

By Christy Lange
Home (with Holly Herndon),  2014, video still. Courtesy: the designers, Holly Herndon  and RNVG, New York

Sarah Hromack unpacks the work of the Dutch design studio

By Sarah Hromack
Courtesy: © Roger Tooth/Guardian News & Media Ltd.

A photograph depicting destroyed computer parts said to have contained files leaked by Edward Snowden

By Henrik Olesen