Cooking Sections, Cases of Confusion (50-40-20) (56-45-25) (55-40-20), 2015. Courtesy: the artists

Essay - 22 Apr 2016

Ellen Mara De Wachter considers how plants can teach us to live ethically

George Grosz, The Painter of the Hole I, 1948, Öl auf Leinwand, 77  × 56  cm

Notes on Awkwardness

By Amy Sillman

Essay - 20 Mar 2015

Dan Fox reports on the exhibition's highlights

Essay - 27 Oct 2014

Pablo Larios talks about 'Network Fatigue' in the age of digital circulation

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Window, 2013, C-type Print, 46 × 36 cm, Courtesy für alle Bilder: die Künstlerin und Micky Schubert, Berlin

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili’s images conjure depth from the flat surface of photography

By Christy Lange

Essay - 07 Feb 2014

Dan Fox asks: who are the audiences for artists, writers and curators?

Nadim Vardag, Installationsansicht, Galerie Georg Kargl, Vienna, 2012. Auf dem Tisch: Astrid Wagner, Untitled, 2012, lackierte Keramik, 16 × 10 × 14 cm ( courtesy: der Künstler & Galerie Georg Kargl, Vienna)

Is there such a thing?

By Dominikus Müller
Peter Fattinger, Veronika Orso, Michael Rieper und Studenten der technischen Universität Wien, Add on. 20 höhenmeter, 2005, mixed Media, 28 × 12 × 20 m (courtesy: fattinger, orso. architektur; Fotografie: Florian Haydn)

Vienna has a unique relationship to interior design. An essay by Helen Chang explores the effect on architecture in the city, inside and out

By Helen Chang
Gerhard Rühm, Untitled, aus dem Projekt Concrete Poetry; Scharf, 1955, Collage, Zeitungsausschnitte auf Pappe 32 × 22 cm (courtesy: Christine König Galerie, Vienna)

Postwar experiments in poetry and art: revisiting the Wiener Gruppe

By Pablo Larios
Corinthians clube social, 2009, einer von drei C-prints, 33 × 45 cm (Courtesy: der Künstler & Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna)

Josef Dabernig’s tireless quest for autonomy

By Matthias Dusini

Essay - 30 Oct 2013

What do we mean by Post-Internet art?

William Pester vor seiner Hütte in Palm Canyon, Palm Springs California, 1917 (courtesy: Palm Springs Art Museum, Photograph: Stephen H. Willard)

Tracing the ideas that travelled from Germany to the deserts of Southern California, and, eventually, to define the spirit of 1960s counterculture. The remarkable story of the LA Nature Boys

By Lyra Kilston