In further news: ancient artefacts destroyed by jihadists resurrected; naked activists protest National Portrait Gallery’s links to BP

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The viral video heralds a future of disinformation

By Kadish Morris

Social media giant to meet with activists demanding end to artistic censorship

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‘It’s ridiculous. It’s Picasso’: social media platform to review nudity policy after blocking Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ads

Belgian museums are protesting the social media platform’s inability to distinguish the Flemish master’s Baroque nudes from pornography

Image courtesy: Ed Fornieles (edfornieles.com)

Angela Nagle, the author of Kill All Normies in conversation with contemporary artists Constant Dullaart and Ed Fornieles

Uber's very long list of woes and why philosophers won't give you a straight answer about truth: what to read this weekend

Watching the battle for Mosul live on Facebook

By Orit Gat