‘I would like to dedicate this tribute to all of Zidane’s fans (of whom I am one)’

By Violaine Boutet de Monvel

At the end of July, the footballer announced his resignation from the German national football team – why?

By Jörg Heiser

The punk artists’s invasion of the pitch during the Croatia vs. France match reminded us what Russia’s new ‘normality’ really means

By Aliide Naylor

Nods to the game in World Cup celebrations show how dance has gone viral – but unwittingly instrumentalized for commercial interests

By Gareth Damian Martin

Where else can you find HBO sitcoms, Paul Simon, the industrial history of colour photography and the legacy of Euro ’96?

By Dan Fox
Achille Mbembe, 2012, photograph: © Jean Claude Dhien

Imagination, football and the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe

By Sean O'Toole