Goodman Gallery

A guide to the best shows around town

By Rianna Jade Parker

The artist, curator, educator and writer, who died on 30 June, was committed to supporting South Africa’s younger artists

By Sean O'Toole

Exotic flora and tentative ‘Afronauts’ speak to a sense of alienation, but throughout the artist’s work runs a current of optimism 

By Ian Bourland

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of WWI, The Head & The Load at Tate Modern makes incomprehension the work’s guiding theme

By Hettie Judah

A tribute to the late South African photographer, creator of idiosyncratic portrayals of everyday life under the yoke of apartheid

By Sean O'Toole

Cape Town

19 May
16 Jun

‘I hope that, in time, the pendulum settles in a place where male behaviour has shifted and women feel comfortable, respected and empowered’

By Liza Essers
Broomberg & Chanarin, Bandage the knife not the wound, installation view, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, 2018


24 Apr
26 May
Kudzanai Chiurai, ‘Madness and Civilization’, installation view, Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, 2018

Cape Town

12 Apr
12 May

70 years since apartheid became law in South Africa, a retrospective of the photographer's work opens at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

By Osei Bonsu
Candice Breitz, Love Story (still), 2016, 7-Channel Installation, Julianne Moore. Courtesy: the artist and KOW, Berlin


1 Feb
10 Mar

Cape Town

18 Jan
24 Feb