Issue 207

On the odd fraternity between investor Peter Thiel and literary theorist René Girard

By Pablo Larios

From Palantir to Microsoft to Google, the new resistance arises from labour itself

By Mike Pepi

Or, the links between Brexit and suspense television

By Timotheus Vermeulen

The 1994 exhibition, ‘The Institute of Cultural Anxiety’, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London resonates powerfully with the culture and politics of 2019

By Jonathan P. Watts

Can a trio of exhibitions in New York shed light on this enigmatic figure?

By Jessica Lynne

The prize-winning sociologist on where measurement fails

By Saskia Sassen

Activism in the age of the ‘Superbug’

By Keller Easterling

As ‘Countryside, The Future’ opens at the Guggenheim, Koolhaas explains the rapid shifts occurring in rural zones

By Rem Koolhaas

A roundtable with Mexicali and Tijuana artists Mely Barragán, Pablo Castañeda, Fernando Méndez Corona and collector Alonso Elias. With a poem by artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña

By Multiple Authors

Kaelen Wilson-Goldie on 13BC and the artists using art, science and technology to map the world

By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie