Lars Bang Larsen

Talks & Projects - 28 Sep 2016

A panel discussion, held at Pivô, São Paulo, exploring the mushroom as motif in the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo

'Reflections from Damaged Life', 2013, Installation view, Raven Row, London

Raven Row, London

Group Material, DAZI BAOS, Union Square, New York (1982)

A new book documents 17 years of projects by art collective Group Material

Raven Row, London, UK

Adel el Siwi, Egypt. 

Various venues, Cairo, Egypt

Various venues, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marine Hugonnier’s films explore what the artist describes as an ‘anthropology of images’

The Danish Postermuseum, Arhus, Denmark

Henrik Olesen

Pia Rönicke

Rooseum, Malmo, Sweden

Tal R's 'Back Garden' (1999) series of drawings are memory implants. Stale air.