Latin America

César Aira, Birthday, 2019. Courtesy: New Directions Publishing, New York

Newly published in the US, ‘Birthday’ sees the Argentinian writer at his most personal – and vulnerable

By Steven Zultanski

In a year marked by natural disasters, some of the best exhibitions in Latin America were attempts to make sense of the environment

By Magalí Arriola

A filmmaker for the internet generation, the Argentinian director is doing new things and not looking back

By Becca Voelcker

Themes of youth, travel and work eddy through Eduardo Williams’s debut feature

By Becca Voelcker

Central Mexico is leading the country’s rapidly developing and internationally engaged art scene 

By Evan Moffitt

Curator Fernanda Brenner and artists Mario García Torres, Carlos Motta and Amalia Pica discuss what Latin American art means to them