Lynne Tillman

What does a picture tell? Not one story 

From Kader Attia's couscous sculptures and Isa Genzken's 'towers', to Rorschach tests and Tony Kushner's Angels in America

A rare, newly-published interview with the late October editor, reveals an art critic intent on changing the terms of the debate

Lynne Tillman on Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread, a tightly wrought film about a tightly controlled man

Growing old and growing value 

Dave Chappelle's comedy of discomfort 

Wallace Shawn, Evening at the Talk House, 2017. Courtesy: The New Group; photograph: Monique Carboni

A new play by Wallace Shawn examines what it means to survive in today’s society

How remembering the AIDS epidemic helps endure the crises of today

Drowning sorrows and watching Warhol’s Drunk aka Drink

A new anthology of writing by Lynne Tillman shows us what narrative fiction, and criticism, can be

Finding hope in hopeless times

Trump rally in Buffalo, 2016. Courtesy: the artist; photograph by Mark Sommerfeld

Trump, trigger alerts and trauma