Museum Ludwig

Rahime, Kurdish Woman from Turkey (detail), 1979, photographs, pencil, coloured pencil, paint and mixed media on cardboard, dimensions variable. Courtesy: the artist and Vehbi Koç Foundation Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul; photograph: Hadiye Cangök

The artist takes us through her multi-faceted practice, now on view in her retrospective at Museum Ludwig, Cologne 

By Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu
Nil Yalter, Pixelismus (detail), 1996, 24 parts: oil, gold paint, and acrylic on canvas, each 47 x 42 cm. Courtesy and photograph: © the artist

With Art Cologne opening its doors, a selection of exhibitions around town

By Moritz Scheper

Ahead of the 52nd edition of Art Cologne, your guide to the best shows to see in the city

By Harry Thorne


18 Nov
4 Mar
Pirkle Jones, Kathleen Cleaver and the Black Panthers, 1968–1969 © Pirkle Jones Foundation


3 Feb
3 Jun

Reena Spaulings, ‘bad painting’ and the institutionalization of Institutional Critique

By Hans-Jürgen Hafner

Revered theatre director John Vaccaro passes away; Marina Abramović responds to accusations of racism

Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

By Catrin Lorch (translation by John William Gabriel