Nairy Baghramian

Beliebte Stellen/Privileged Points, 2017


19 Jan
22 Sep


13 Oct
6 Jan


13 Oct
6 Jan

‘Eichwald often reveals her journey through her direct, yet humorous and heady titles’

By Nairy Baghramian


24 Oct
17 Nov
Nathalie du Pasquier, Trapezio, 2017 Silkscreen print on Colourplan, 50 x 50 cm, edition of 50 Signed and Numbered

Linda Yablonsky selects her favourites artists’ editions available at the fair

By Linda Yablonsky
Nairy Baghramian, maintainers, 2017

Mexico City

10 Feb
3 Mar

The politics of the choco-pie, a materialist account of ‘cultural appropriation’ and Acid Corbynism: what to read this weekend