In the director’s sweeping new Vietnam War film, it is never clear ‘who is the colonizer and who is the colonized’ 

By Ian Bourland

The AI host of Netflix’s latest reality dating show is the love child of Big Tech and Saint Augustine

By Rosanna McLaughlin

A new Netflix documentary and an online exhibition at Fierman Gallery, New York, celebrate the legacy of a shuttered gay bookstore, and the world disappearing along with it 

By Evan Moffitt

The controversial star of Netflix’s latest documentary is hard to watch – but harder to stop watching

By Rosanna McLaughlin

Paywalls are going up everywhere, intellectual property is being jealously hoarded, and the long-predicted streaming wars are finally on

By Tom Morton

From parafactual entertainment to teen TV and the ‘flood’ of content

By Timotheus Vermeulen

The new film is neither as sombre and meditative as the work of contemporaries such as Robert Redford, nor as adaptive as the real-world activism of Jane Fonda

By Ian Bourland

Or, the links between Brexit and suspense television

By Timotheus Vermeulen

A timely documentary about the backslide into dictatorship reveals some uncomfortable home truths in the US

By Jack McGrath
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The Hollywood Reporter’s Deputy Editorial Director explores art and the entertainment industry - and gives her Oscar predictions

Scheming dealers, demonic sculptures and filthy lucre: in Dan Gilroy’s Faustian tale, art takes murderous revenge

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

A visual homage to the Netflix documentary

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