The Morgan Library presents 150 designs for ballet and opera by the author of Where the Wild Things Are

By Figgy Guyver

The Golden Lion-winning Lithuanian Pavilion, ‘Sun & Sea (Marina)’, crafts an endless pop song for the end times

By En Liang Khong
Robert Ashley, Improvement (Don Leaves Linda), 2019, performance. Courtesy: The Kitchen; photograph: © Al Foote III

This opera wants to know whether memory is scientific or occult. It answers the question by rejecting it.

By Diana Hamilton

The Turner Prize-winning photographer’s set design for ENO’s new production asks: can the greatest horror be better communicated by the unseen?

By Matthew McLean

Ahead of its South London Gallery performance, how Tom Phillips’s Irma – a work that questions the genre of opera itself – is being staged

By Adam Harper
Matthew Barney BA performance, RIVER OF FUNDAMENT, 2014. Courtesy: the artist; photograph: Hugo Glendinning

Combustion and digestion in Matthew Barney’s latest work

By Ross Simonini

Poul Ruders' The Handmaid's Tale

By Paul Kildea