Rob Tufnell

Ahead of the 52nd edition of Art Cologne, your guide to the best shows to see in the city

By Harry Thorne
Andreas Maus, ‘Raubtierbendiger Müssen im Zirkus Sterben weil es Tierofuäder und Verbrecher sind’, 2018. Courtesy: Rob Tufnell, Köln/ London; photo: Mareike Tocha


5 Apr
28 Apr


13 Jan
10 Feb

With his current solo show on at GoMA in Glasgow, the artist shares a selection of influential images

By Aaron Angell

Edward Kay, H34

‘California wow!’ exhibition view at Tramway, Glasgow, 2015. All images courtesy the artist, Tramway, and Kendall Koppe, Glasgow

Containers, collaboration and perception

By Matthew McLean
Troy Town - attitude adjuster, 2012, glazed stoneware, 50 x 65 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Rob Tufnell, London.

Studio pottery, anti-art, John Fahey and compost

By Tom Morton
Installation view 'Savage Messiah'

Rob Tufnell

By Martin Clark

Rob Tufnell at 1 Sutton Lane, London, UK

By Tom Morton

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

By Rob Tufnell