Science Fiction

The artist’s exhibition at Centre d’art contemporain Passerelle, Brest, blends gender, race and class politics with science fiction

By Wilson Tarbox

From ‘Spaceballs’ to ‘The Orville’, the reason why so many interstellar sitcoms fail to raise a smile

By Tom Morton

How dystopian literature influenced the meal replacement industry

By Chris Fite-Wassilak

Nearly three hours long and containing only two jokes, with this film somehow you don’t mind

By Jennifer Higgie

Donna Haraway takes on the Anthropocene

By Robin van den Akker

From Atatürk and Turkish nationalism in art to the enduring creepiness of Bruce Conner: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton
Poster for "A Cathode Ray Séance', designed by Rob Carmichael (2012)

A day long programme of film screenings, talks and readings is dedicated to British science fiction and horror writer Nigel Kneale at New York's Michelson Theater

By Dan Fox