Stuart Shave/Modern Art

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As Ron Nagle's solo exhibition ‘Amended Testimony’ goes on show at Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, the American West Coast artist discusses his intimate sculptural pieces

Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, UK

Annette Kelm, Pepper / Pac Man, 2016, archival pigment print, framed, 61 x 75 cm. Courtesy: Herald St, London

Tonight's highlights: two significant new painting shows and an impressive new film by Charlotte Prodger

Elephant, Palais des Glaces, Paris. Photograph: Pierre Antoine

From hissing dragons to oozing amoebas: as his show opens at Stuart Shave/Modern Art, the London-based artist picks some favourite images

Bodily and technological extremes in the sculptures of Yngve Holen

Torey Thornton, First, After I saw Elvis Look At Me And Imagined Him Looking To Andy, 2014–15, aluminium enamel paint, oil, wood, spray paint and collage on  wood panel, 1.8 × 2.2 m

Modern Art, London, UK

I don’t trust anyone for the most part. But then again, I am my own creature, 2015, plastic, fabric, metal, 177 × 185 × 36 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie Neu, Berlin; photograph: Stefan Korte

Reformulating the human body in the age of mass digitization

Modern Art

The evolution of an artist and musician

Barnaby Furnas, Rock Concert (Slayer) (2007)

Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, UK

Claes Oldenburg standing next to Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks (1969)

The artist will be exhibiting new work at Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, in the spring of 2009