Tau Lewis, Curtis Santiago and Daniel Rios Rodriguez, ‘Through the people we are looking at ourselves’, 2017, installation view, Cooper Cole. Courtesy: Cooper Cole, Toronto

Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada


21 Jul
26 Aug
Iris Häussler, exhibition view of The Sophie La Rosière Project – Chapter III at Daniel Faria Gallery. Courtesy: Daniel Faria Gallery

Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada

The Power Plant, Toronto

Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada

Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Leslie Hewitt, 'Collective Stance', installation view, The Power Plant, Toronto, 2016. Photograph: Toni Hafkenscheid

The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto, Canada

The shows curated by one Toronto-based collector are so good that others pale in comparison