Union Pacific

Frieze Fairs - 04 Oct 2018

Caroline Douglas and Zadie Xa talk about the artworks purchased through the Contemporary Art Society’s Acquisitions Fund at Frieze

Nasa, 2017 Glue emulsion, enamel, varnish, acrylic, spray paint, oil on canvas and iron frame 195 cm x 135 cm


7 Oct
4 Nov

Ben Burgis and Ksenia Pedan, H3

Julie Born Schwartz, The Invisible Voice, 2016, HD video, installation view at Union Pacific, London. Courtesy: the artist and Union Pacific, London

Union Pacific, London, UK

By Holly Corfield Carr
'Bat-Breath. Battery', 2015, exhibition view, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris. Courtesy the artist & Chantal Crousel, Paris; photograph: © Aurélien Mole

Language as virus and failing machines

By Robert Barry