Ahead of this year’s edition of the gallery event, the pick of exhibitions to see in town

By Fabian Schöneich

With Art Brussels in town, a guide to exhibitions to see in the Belgian capital

By Carina Bukuts

On show at WIELS, Brussels, the artist's textiles are modes of conscious reparation, through which damage and disrepair become precious artefacts

By Ellen Mara De Wachter

From a collection from Seth Siegelaub’s archive to a photography show in an artist’s home, your guide to the best shows around town

By Pablo Larios

Images of sexual experimentation and chemical consumption recur in 'Sophie Podolski: Le pays où tout est permis' at WIELS, Brussels 

By Natasha Soobramanien
Ellen Gallagher, Abu Simbel, 2005, 62 x 90 cm, photogravure, watercolour, colour pencil, varnish, pomade, plasticine, fake fur, gold leaf and crystals. Courtesy: Private collection and WIELS, Brussels

WIELS, Brussels, Belgium

By Natasha Hoare

Ahead of Art Brussels opening this week, a guide to the best shows around town

By Paul Clinton
Basic Circles & Magic Squares, Skizze für Work/Travail/Arbeid, von Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, 2014 (courtesy: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & WIELS, Brussels)

What are the challenges of producing a dance piece in the form of an exhibition?

By Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Elena Filipovic
Tracey Rose, Tracings, 2015, video still from the series ‘Die Wit Man’ (The White Man)

Wiels, Brussel, Belgium